Video Tutorials

There are a lot of movements (particularly in Crossfit) that require proper technique and form.  Proper technique not only prevents injury, but also increases performance and strength.  Here are some video tutorials I've found helpful in my training.

Disclaimer: I claim no responsibility for these videos.  Perform these according to your own ability and at your own risk.  These are meant to be resources and not fitness gospel.  The videos in this library may change from time to time.

Crossfit Video Tutorials:

Air Squat Tutorial by SurfBodyFitness

Kipping Pull-up Tutorial by SurfBodyFitness
Butterfly Pull-up Tutorial by Chris Spealler
Burpee Pull-up Demo with Greg Amundson

Gymnastic Movements:
Muscle-Up Progression with Jason Khalipa
Kipping Handstand Push-up Tutorial with Jason Khalipa

Lifting Tutorials:
Deadlift Coaching by CrossfitHQ
Snatch Tutorial by Coach Mike Burgener or try this one
Hang Power Snatch Demo with Coach Mike Burgener
Clean and Jerk Demo with Coach Mike Burgener
Thruster Tutorial with Jason Khalipa

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