Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Squats - Such Good Pain

I did a leg workout today that included the trifecta of squats: 3x10 of overhead squats, front squats and back squats. The weights were pretty decent rounding out my 9th set at 315 for back squats. It's funny, working out my legs wasn't a priority for me a few years ago. I always rationalized that my legs would get a workout running and playing sports. Leg workouts have become an integral part of my workouts recently. Here's three reasons why:

1. Many leg workouts require good core strength - and by lifting heavy legs, I am able to build my core as well. Movements like the squat trifecta require good balance to execute them right. Building that balance had been great for my core.

2. Legs are such a large muscle group - and the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn while at rest. Working out my legs has become an important part of my weight loss plan.

3. The burn feels so good - there's something satisfying about a good muscle burn. Call me crazy, but it's something I love.

I know that many shy away from consistent and tough leg workouts. In my experience, they're great for muscle building, weight loss and overall fitness.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday Morning Runs

We recently picked up a Bob running stroller from my brother. We took it out this morning with our boys. It was so much fun and it felt great to be exercising together.

We decided that this is going to be a saturday morning tradition until the snow comes. Being active as a family is a great way for us to stay healthy and grow together.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Today's workout - 9.9.2011

Great workout today. I did a Crossfit WOD I've been meaning to so for about two weeks now. A buddy of mine, who's been sick for a few weeks, made it today and it was great to workout with him again.

Here's what we did:
5 rounds for time of -
15 deadlifts at 185
15 toes to bar
I completed the WOD in 17:30...the toes to bar killed me.

Great day, good to be working out with friends. Off to play some volleyball with the brothers tonight.

What are you weekend plans?

On the Move

This is my first official post via the iPhone blogger app. This should be fun.

If you aren't aware, I'm a bit of an Internet geek. This app will be fun to post workouts and quick thoughts.

Looking forward to a lot more fun on the blog.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Need to Eat Clean

Up front I'll state that this post isn't about the danger of processed foods, the injustice that fastfood companies have done to the health of our nation.  Although interesting topics, and probably ones that are worth consideration, I try to be a bit more simplistic in my eating values.

I've recently tried to be "cleaner" in my diet: more fruits and vegetables, less fried items, I'm trying to avoid candies and a lot of snacks (baked good is where I struggle the most), and smaller portions.  I know that there have been scientific and statistics that talk about this.  For me, however, it's simply about the way that my body feels.

I find that days that I'm not conscious about portions or about what I'm eating, I'm lethargic and don't feel optimal.