Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oxymoronic Weekends

Have you ever watched the Crossfit games?  I was introduced to the sport of Crossfit almost two years ago, and watching Crossfit athletes compete in games during the spring and summer of the last two years has been a favorite weekend past time (ask my wife).  She kind of snickers at the fact that I enjoy watching people basically workout for time.  For some reason though, it is awesome!  Watching what some of these athletes can do is absolutely amazing and extremely inspiring and motivating.

The last few weekends, I've found myself watching the Games live (when they are streaming it) and catching up on the updates throughout the weekend...all the while snacking and eating.  While I'm getting motivated and psyched, I'm eating and snacking...what a moron.

Oh well.  I'll enjoy while I can and hope that my oxymoronic weekends don't take too much of a toll on my weight loss and fitness goals.  Here's a great video from the past few weeks - Rich Froning setting a world record on an absolutely insane workout.

Most will find this boring.  I'm amazed at the stamina, but mostly the mental approach and planning.  The pacing, methodical active rest and guts are just awesome to me.

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