Monday, September 20, 2010

You've Got To Start Somewhere Right?

So I seriously debated whether or not this blog was a good idea.  I actually think I still am.

Did I really want to put myself out there like this?  Is documenting a topic like weight loss and fitness too personal?  Did I really want to commit to do this?

My answer to that last question is the reason for this blog.  Yes, I needed to commit to something like this.  Knowing that my progress is put out there for anyone to see really lights a fire under my sometimes lazy butt.  

My feelings about that are probably similar to what was being portrayed through Amy Adam's character and her dedication to her blog in the movie "Julie and Julia".

Hopefully this blog will be interesting.  Hopefully this blog will be entertaining.  Maybe this blog will be motivating.

Wish me luck.

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