Monday, June 6, 2011

Sushi + A Workout = No Bueno

I had every intention to start the week off eating right.  I got to work and was told, "It's Geo's birthday.  We're going to sushi."  They had to twist my arm *sarcastic wink* and got me to go.  The worst part about this in terms of my diet...I went to sushi on Friday as well (it's also bad for my wallet).  I told myself I can't eat out at lunch for the next two weeks (for monetary and dietary reasons).

Since I didn't go to the gym during lunch, I did another homebound WOD.  Here's what I did:

One round each minute until I can't complete the next round of:
5 ground to overhead snatches (25 lb dumbbells) - I did 14 rounds.

About 15 minutes of jumping rope - I warmed up a little for a few minutes, then tried to do a double-under ladder.  5 unbroken then rest - 10 unbroken then rest - 15 unbroken then rest, etc.  I got to 25 and failed about 6 times to get to 30 (I failed at about 19 each time...odd).

I'm a bit gassed and now I'm sucking down a protein shake.

All you can eat sushi + a workout = I don't feel very good at the moment.

Lesson learned.

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