Friday, October 1, 2010

Do I Really Want to Get Myself Into This Again? Of Course I do!

Today at noon you'll be able to sign up for the Moab Winter Sun 10K.  If you haven't run a race in Moab, it is definitely a must.  I did the Moab Half Marathon in 2009 and loved it.  Beautiful race, great race crew and they really do a stellar job.  Now granted, it's the only race I've run so far, but glad that it was my first.  I wasn't in the best shape because the early arrival of my first son totally through off my training schedule.  Despite being in bad shape, getting passed by a pregnant women who was about seven months along and feeling like I was going to die, it was an amazing experience.

My wife and I decided that we wanted to run both races this year.  Wish us luck.

By the way, the first 100 to sign up for the Winter 10K get a guaranteed spot in the Moab Half in March.

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