Sunday, October 10, 2010

Progress Update: Feeling Good

It's been about a week since I posted last.  It's been a busy week and much has been going on.  Here are some highlights:

1. Found a work out partner - A buddy of mine at work is feeling the same need to get back in shape and get healthy.  We've set some goals for how often we're going to go to the gym, and it's been a good motivation for me to have someone else to work out with.  It's been a long time since I've had someone to work out with consistently (probably since my freshmen hear at BYU in 2001), so I'm excited.  It's good to have someone else that you feel accountable to, you know?

2. Great work out today - I had a pretty good workout today.  Well I should say good for me anyways.  I ran a mile and a half and then decided to mix in some other workouts.  After the first 1.5 miles, I did 20 push-ups, 15 ball crunches and 10 squats, then ran .25 miles.  I did that four times.  It's not a major work out, but probably one that I couldn't do four weeks ago or so.  It felt good to be able to complete something like that.

3. Noticing a difference - I haven't lost a lot of weight, but I am noticing a bit of a difference in muscle definition and size (particularly in my legs).  I'm going to be starting a much more strict diet this week, so I'm hoping to see much better results over the next few weeks. 

I'll have more about the diet and such in a post next week.

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