Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Carb Substitute | Spinach

There is a lot of talk about the effect that cutting carbs out of your diet can have on weight loss.  There are diets that cut complex carbs out completely, some that limit carbs and some that limit you to specific types of carbs.  Whatever the restriction level may be, cutting carbs out of your diet can be pretty difficult.

I can't say that I've cut carbs out of my diet completely - I have a wife who makes amazing bread and growing up in Hawaii, white rice is part of every meal - the stars just aren't aligned for me to cut them out completely.  What I have been able to do however, is limit my carbs and limit myself to the right type.

Every now and then however, there's a dish that you would normally serve over a bead of rice or a plate of pasta.  I find that situations like that are the hardest for me to resist the mighty carbohydrate.  Recently I've started substituting spinach for certain types of carbs.  It obviously doesn't work for all meals, however I have begun putting different dishes over a bed of spinach as opposed to a bed of rice or pasta.  Not only is spinach great for you, but the dent that it'll make on your carb count is minimal.

You should try it some time.

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