Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week Wrap Up - 4.28.2012

Between work, kids and workouts.  Weeks seem to fly by so fast.  This was a great week - had a blast with the family, a lot done at work and some great time in the gym.

Here's the wrap-up of my workouts:
Monday - Mini Murph (kind of)
400M run
50 pull-ups
150 push-ups
200 air squats
400M run

15 minute light cardio

Tuesday - Two-a-Day
35 minute cardio in the morning
Deadlift and Snatch workout + 20 minutes cardio in the afternoon

Wednesday - 45 minutes cardio

Thursday - Two-a-Day
40 minutes cardio in the morning
Plyometrics + cardio in the afternoon

Friday - 5K

Saturday - 45 minutes cardio

Not a bad week.  Diet was a bit more dialed in than last...except for Saturday (lots of snacking).

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