Thursday, February 24, 2011

Morning Trips to the Gym

I woke up Monday morning (President's Day) and went to the gym.  It was sort of out of necessity.  I was going in to work for a few hours (by choice) and I had plans with my family after work, but I still wanted to get a workout in.  I got to the gym by about 6:45 jumped on an elliptical machine for about 45 minutes, jumped in the shower and was at work by about 8:00.  The rest of the day I was invigorated.

What tough about morning trips to the gym?
1. The gym is packed.
2. I cherish my sleep like it's gold.
3. My bed is so comfortable.

What's great about morning trips to the gym?
1. An early morning workout will kick start your metabolism.
2. Your family is typically still sleeping.
3. It's like jolt of energy for the rest of my day.

So...I've decided that I'm going to start making morning trips to the gym twice a week to do some cardio.  I'll probably still go to the gym during lunch to workout with my buddies from work, but this will give me some easy and needed "me time" in the gym (although it is difficult to stay motivated).

I calibrated Nike+ on my iPhone to record my workouts on the elliptical (my joints need low impact).  Hence the screenshots.
I'll let you know how it works out.  I anticipate that it will help with the weight loss over time.  Prior to my senior season for Volleyball in high school I wanted to drop a few pounds.  I started running three mornings a week before school and it got me in pretty dang good shape...I dropped the needed weight as well.

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