Monday, May 2, 2011

Change Motivates Me to Workout

We started a new workout plan today.  It's actually the second part of the one we've been doing for the last few weeks.  For the past few weeks it was a lot of high reps.  This next section is lower reps and much heavier weight.  I feel like these past few weeks have been great for me.  I feel stronger, I have better endurance and am getting closer to where I feel that I need to be.

Despite that progress, today gassed me.  It was great!

I've often found that I lose motivation when I feel that I'm doing the same thing over and over again.  I actually found that with this last section of the workout.  By last week, I was ready to move on...despite really enjoying the workouts.

That's a good lesson for me to learn: when I feel like I'm not motivated, change things up a little bit.  I think that even small changes help.  Add an extra motion.  Ask someone who's working around you for tips.  Observe what others are doing and try to incorporate what they're doing into your workout.  Do something different and see how your body reacts (just don't overdo it).

CrossFit nails this principle and it's one of the reasons that I admire the lifestyle and program so much.  Much of what you do in CrossFit is based on the unknown.  You don't necessarily know what your workouts are going to look like until maybe the day of.  There are so many different motions, combinations and challenges.  It's exciting.

Man, when I have the money (and I'm in much better shape), I can't wait to join a box.

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