Sunday, May 8, 2011

To the Mothers in My Life...

...Happy Mother's Day.

I'm extremely thankful to the mothers in my life, especially my mommy and my wife.  There are many other "mother" figures for me to honor on a day like this (my mother-in-law, my mission mom, my Aunty Maile, and the list could go on and on).  For the purpose of this post, we'll just focus on the first two.

To me, they are great motivators to stay healthy and active.  My mother always encouraged her children to eat healthy, to not eat too much, to stay active, to not watch too much TV, to go on walks, to play with know, all the things a mother does to ensure that her kid stays healthy.  Not only did she encourage, but she DID as well.  I remember my mother going to the gym, to step class, to water aerobics, playing tennis and much more.  When I was in high school, and I was told that I had to trim up for my senior season of volleyball it was my mother who drove my strict diet and ensured I was up early enough to run before school.

Now that all the kids are out of the house, she drags Dad out to do a bunch of fun activities.
Mom and Dad's new favorite summer activity

I've talked about my wife on this blog before.  She's absolutely amazing and is a great example for me.  We've got one little boy and one more on the way.  In between the two boys, my wife decided that she really wanted to get in good shape.  We engaged a personal trainer and my wife became extremely dedicated.  She lost about 20 lbs over the course of a few months and still remains active far into her second pregnancy.  She is such a great example to me.

Family pictures 2010

To all the mothers out there: thank you for being the drivers and motivators behind that which is good. To the mother's in my life, I love you and thank you for being my motivation.

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