Friday, May 20, 2011

Sometimes it's the Little Things

I want to be the cool Dad.  The one who plays sports with his sons.  The one who can still take his sons in a game of one on one.  The Dad that despite the age difference can still whoop his sons' butts into shape.

My son is only two, so now is the time for me to prepare and get healthy and active.  The days of basketball games, running, and training and years from now.  I realized last night that I can still be the cool Dad, even now.

There's this thing that my son loves.  I lie on the ground and stretch my arms up over my head.  He then stands on my hands and I have to bring my legs up above my head so that he can grab them.  Then basically, he wants me to balance him a couple feet off the ground with his feet still on my hands and his arms wrapped around my legs.   It requires a little bit of flexibility and strength, but nothing strenuous.

We were doing that last night (and he always wants to do it over and over again), and my wife commented, "That requires a lot of flexibility.  I don't think that you could have done that before."

Being able to do that with my son, and my wife's comment last night made me feel like a champ.  It definitely is the little things that make a big difference.  Stuff like that is enough to keep me going back to the gym.

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